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Six short fellas: an editorial mantra for IC?

How does Nobel Prize winning, elephant-loving author Rudyard Kipling, help us write fab content for our client magazines and newspapers?

We’ll tell you how. Fancy a poem?

Kipling wrote:

“I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are WHAT and WHY and HOW

And WHEN and WHERE and WHO.”

Good eh? Let’s elaborate.

These six little words are central to writing engaging articles, and super-important when it comes to getting a message across and telling a story.

Our journalists and writers try to get WHAT and WHO across in the intro. What it’s all about, the message, the story? What’s special about this piece and what will make people want to read on? Who’s involved, how they got involved, the team they’re part of and their role within the company?

The nitty-gritty comes in the body of the copy. We’ve got the readers’ attention, now we give them what they want, the WHEN, the WHERE, the WHY, when it happened and why the date is significant, where the action took place and why it’s relevant to the story. Finally, make clear why it’s here – what’s the call to action in this article and what should colleagues do as a result?

Next comes the HOW – how it happened, the challenges and processes involved, final thoughts from colleagues on impact/solutions/effect/outcomes and contact details.

We’re proud to say at scarlettabbott we produce fresh, unique, engaging and entertaining content for a wide range of diverse internal audiences, and by following the wise words of Kipling, and using our IC expertise, we make sure we hit-the-spot with them every time.



Meet Alice…

Hi, from Alice King, Senior Account Manager…

What gets me out of bed in the morning is my hungry little boys Theo and Jeremiah.

My CV is a bit like an Olympic Torch – after 12 years of working my way around London agencies.

Out of work I enjoy going for a good run, making curtains and walking in the woods with my boys.

In the office I’m a keen organiser and detail freak.

For me, internal communications is an exciting new venture, moving away from branding and retail comms.

If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be Holly Willoughby (because I’d love her job, not necessarily to BE her!)




Powering comms for utilities

Having made our name as the ‘go to’ internal communications agency for transport operators, our experience in the power and utilities sector is taking pace thanks to opportunities to work on some really exciting employee engagement projects for United Utilities, Northern Gas Networks, National Grid and Northumbrian Water.
So far, our work in this sector has seen us:
Transform an employee induction scheme
Provide strategic editorial support for digital communications
Communicate vital changes to an employee pension scheme through an integrated campaign
Design workshops focusing on the customer experience for people leaders
Roll out internal communications programmes for a merger, and
Re-design and produce employee newspapers and magazines.