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Run with us!


scarlettabbott are proud to be the main sponsor of the Clifton Village Coast to Coast Run in support of Martin House Children’s Hospice.

The run, starting in Whitehaven at 5pm on Friday 20th June, will cover a gruelling 138 mile circuit, reaching altitudes of over 2000ft., and will be undertaken by just 7 individual athletes working as a team and completed within 24hours.

We hope that you will join us in supporting this wonderful charity by donating to the Clifton Village Coast to Coast Run:

Twitter: @CliftonC2C




We’re hiring!


Following substantial business growth, we currently have the following vacancies to join our high performing and award-winning team.

Senior Internal Communications Consultant – London
Internal Communications Consultant – London
Senior Internal Communications Consultant – York
Internal Communications Consultant – York

Our agency works with a number of top clients and covers a wide range of collateral from magazines to websites. We offer a great working environment, competitive salary and benefits, and the chance to become part of a fun, highly motivated team.

To find out more, please e-mail




We love hearing your feedback!

One of our lovely readers of Northern contacted us to tell us what they thought of the mag:
“I don’t normally do this sort of thing – too many other things to do! – but I just wanted to say how brilliant ‘Northern’ is.  I used to be a magazine editor myself for a large bank and I wish that what we used to produce had been half as good as this!  The content is genuinely informative, the design is fantastic and the writing witty and punchy.  That doesn’t often happen in corporate publishing.
Keep up the good work”What do you think about Northern magazine? Do let us know – we always love to hear what you think!



Northern magazine OUT NOW!


The autumn/winter edition of Northern Rail’s customer magazine ‘Northern’ has hit the tracks, and what a great excuse to check out what our designers can do.

This issue’s doing it for the girls, with cover star and chef of the moment Rachel Khoo, Loose Women’s Jane McDonald and actress Shobna Gulat all sassing-up the pages. Plus there’s loads of info on great things to see and do up north (not that we’re biased…honest). So next time you’re on a Northern Rail train, grab a copy and think of us!

Take a sneaky peek by clicking here




Aviva win SCM awards! Yay!

We’re proud as punch that our lovely clients and friends Aviva won Best Large Team at the Melcrum SCM awards 2013. Drinks are on us guys!



Meet Designer of the Year


We were so excited when Rich was shortlisted for the IOIC Best Designer award and guess what? He only went on to win it! Everyone at Scarlettabbott are all really proud to have the best designer in internal communications in the team.

Lets hear from the man himself:

Tell us about the award Rich?
The ICON awards were right at the end of the evening so we’d had a long time to wait, but when they called my name it was definitely worth it! It was a great moment and it’s still just sinking in now really. We celebrated in style on the night though and I’ve still got the husky voice to show for it. We also received an Award of Excellence for Best Agency, so a good night was had by all.

What would have stood out for the judges about you?
I guess my style is eclectic and fresh. The variety of projects I’ve worked on this year is immense. Illustrative journey maps or ‘big pictures’, print collateral, online portals and intranets, magazines, infographics, animation and ambient media. I guess it presents a really interesting body of work.

What have you been working on recently?
I’ve been creating lots of big pictures. They’re such an innovative way to engage large numbers of employees in really rich conversations about their business and the role they play in future success. They’re a great opportunity to flex my illustrative muscles, as the style of each big picture is completely bespoke and in line with each different brand. A picture really does tell a 1,000 words and making a complex strategy come to life on a page stretches my business brain as well as my creativity.

Tell us what you love about your job?
I’ve always enjoyed what I do but it’s not always easy; making something beautifully simple is difficult. I love the creative journey you go on with client. It starts with understanding what their objective is – what do they need an employee to do or do differently as a result of the communication I’m designing? What is important to the individual receiving the message? How can we make our communication really stand out, resonate, and inspire them to act a result?

What’s your design mantra?
Understand your audience. Keep your client’s objective front of mind. Then create something intelligent, understandable and different – something that can’t be ignored.

Good luck Rich on following in the footsteps of our Head Creative Craig Bentley who took home the IOIC Best Designer gong in 2010! You’re already a star to us!
See more of Rich’s work here.

If you want to get your hands on a free copy of the IC Force (created by the fabulous Rich), click here to download.

Want to discuss IC or any of the projects Rich has been working on recently? Please call Jeremy on 01904 731188 or email




Are you experienced?

dumb ways to die

We’re loving this work and thought we’d share it with you…



Award winners!

*dusts off shoulders* We’re feelin’ fabulous today because we’ve won an award for our beautiful building. Our offices – The Old Chapel picked up a gong in the Renovation/ Reuse category at  The York Design Awards! Read more about it here. High fives all round!

Wondering how this renovation task was tackled? Take a peek at our stop-motion video to see how Scarlett Abbott HQ was transformed from a shell, into our shiny new offices.

Let us know what you think!



Six short fellas: an editorial mantra for IC?

How does Nobel Prize winning, elephant-loving author Rudyard Kipling, help us write fab content for our client magazines and newspapers?

We’ll tell you how. Fancy a poem?

Kipling wrote:

“I keep six honest serving-men

(They taught me all I knew);

Their names are WHAT and WHY and HOW

And WHEN and WHERE and WHO.”

Good eh? Let’s elaborate.

These six little words are central to writing engaging articles, and super-important when it comes to getting a message across and telling a story.

Our journalists and writers try to get WHAT and WHO across in the intro. What it’s all about, the message, the story? What’s special about this piece and what will make people want to read on? Who’s involved, how they got involved, the team they’re part of and their role within the company?

The nitty-gritty comes in the body of the copy. We’ve got the readers’ attention, now we give them what they want, the WHEN, the WHERE, the WHY, when it happened and why the date is significant, where the action took place and why it’s relevant to the story. Finally, make clear why it’s here – what’s the call to action in this article and what should colleagues do as a result?

Next comes the HOW – how it happened, the challenges and processes involved, final thoughts from colleagues on impact/solutions/effect/outcomes and contact details.

We’re proud to say at scarlettabbott we produce fresh, unique, engaging and entertaining content for a wide range of diverse internal audiences, and by following the wise words of Kipling, and using our IC expertise, we make sure we hit-the-spot with them every time.



New kids on the block

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Hi, from Jeremy Petty, Client Services Director

What gets me out of bed in the morning is… usually my four year old jumping up and down on the bed. OK, being involved in the most exciting growth industry out there and working with, and meeting, great people every day.

My CV is a bit like…  a waste of ink these days. Presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs and Facebook is the new CV.

Out of work… I’m mad about sport; mainly watching these days but still manage to play a bit of football and cricket. Chasing our two young boys round the football pitch/garden/swimming pool/house seems to occupy the rest of my time…

In the office… I’m helping to spread the word of scarlettabbott across the land and ensuring we nurture and grow all of our client relationships.

For me, internal communication is… the opportunity to create and drive a loyal, bonded colleague base who will deliver improved business performance.

If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be… flying down the left wing at Anfield. 



Hi, from Tony Beresford, Creative Director

What gets me out of bed in the morning is… normally my wife Louise and the promise of coffee! But being a designer, I like going to work knowing that fresh challenges await me every day.

My CV is a bit like… The truth is I’ve not moved around a lot so I’d most probably compare myself to a lighthouse. Tall, bright, well-weathered and stalwart, that’s me! I’ve seen all sorts of ships come and go – in all weather conditions – from large tankers to little dinghies and I’ve helped steer them all away from the rocks and sent them on their way.

Out of work… I’m moving to York from London so I’ll mainly be exploring the city and the beautiful countryside.

In the office… I’m dedicated to design in all its forms – from what we do with print and digital – to clothes, buildings, machines and technology.

For me, internal communication is… helping people on IC budgets achieve levels of design they had thought were reserved for those with external budgets.

If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be… Oscar Wilde said “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”, but if I had to give a name it would be Dr Peter Venkman.



Hi, from Minda Galvin, Senior Internal Communications Consultant

What gets me out of bed in the morning is… Usually a small pale boy called Caspar whispering “Is it time to get up yet?” (Not the ghost, but my eldest son).

Out of work… I like playing eye-spy, bike rides, getting lost in books (not always good ones), buying red lipstick, going to farmer’s markets and snowboarding – if I get half the chance.

In the office… I’m first and foremost part of a team. I’m always amazed by the ideas people have when they put their heads together. I try to be true to myself and authentic in everything I do. I’m big thinker, but I’ve also got loads of experience, so I’m practical, pragmatic and passionate about great execution. People tell me that my eyes light up when I talk about business culture, great places to work, good design and well put together communications. I’m an enthusiastic sort, so having me around can help keep energy levels up.

For me, internal communication is… an absolute passion. It is the backbone of any good business. Good quality internal communication changes the game. Without it, employee engagement diminishes and companies can’t change effectively to be ‘match fit’ for the future.

If I wasn’t me I’d be… JK Rowling – getting lost in a magical world for more than a decade, I can think of worse things to do.



Hi, from Rebecca Marsden, IC Editor and Project Manager

What gets me out of bed in the morning is… a big mug of coffee and a to-do list.

Out of work… I like escaping to the coast, watching old films, listening to old music, dancing, trips to the Tate and meandering around markets.

My CV is a bit like… a smart kid’s toy box – full of fun, creative and educational jazz.

In the office I’m powering through my list-writing, interviewing, proofing and meeting up with like-minded creative people.

For me, internal communication is… about letting people know they’re valued and part of the bigger picture.

If I wasn’t me, I’d like to be… in the 80s, singing backing vocals for Bryan Ferry.