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Feeling Festive?

To get us in the mood for Christmas (and possibly dad-dancing around the office), we’re putting together the ultimate festive playlist.
Yes, yes, we’ve all heard the Pogues and Mariah Carey a squillion times already, but we need more! Shout up with your suggestions folks, the weird and the wonderful are all welcome.



Xmas Squiz

Download our Christmas quiz for yourselves and test your teams!

Christmas Squiz Questions

If you would like the answer sheet email



oh dear…

On this mild and sunny winter morning in York, there’s a certain eau de Jagermeister polluting our office air…

Yup, we went out for some well earned Christmas drinks last night.

It began well, with a cheeky glass of vino as we opened our secret santas. Then we headed out to a charming little local for a pub quiz.

Our very own Craig got up at 7.30am yesterday (yes really) to lovingly craft this festive-themed quiz just for his colleagues. Aaah, it was like a scene from a Christmas movie as we laughed, joked, conferred on the quiz and sipped mulled wine by a warm crackling open fire (oh, wait, there wasn’t an open fire). Sorry, anyway somewhere between there and visits to a number of hip and happenin’ bars and ale houses Mr Jagermeister paid us a visit, and that’s kinda where it starts to go a bit fuzzy.

There’s no photographic evidence of what went on (as far as we know), but Fran, Sophie, Kirstie and Becky hit the dancefloor and Mark and Josh almost hit the pavement as the last men standing (albeit next to a gutter) at around 3am.

So, what to expect as our bleary-eyed colleagues skulked in this morning. Not much frankly. The force is strong with the eau de Jagermeister and already we’ve had a 9.15am request for a chip butty and quilt.

Our creative hub members have now been quarantined for their own safety.


  1. minty c says:

    Only at Scarletabbott Towers. Way to go, guys!

  2. Elliot Scarlett-Abbott says:

    Photographic evidence or it didn’t happen.



Messy Christmas!

Ding ding! Round two!

Our Christmas game was such a hit in 2010 we’ve come back for more!

Instead of posting out Christmas cards, we’ll donate £100 to the winner’s charity of choice. Much more fun and better for the environment too!

Click here to play



And the winner is…

Drum roll please! It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the Squiz answers are in!

Let us know how you got on. Who’s reigning champ and who’s sat in the corner underneath the dunce’s cap?



  1. Ken says:

    Well done Craig.
    Excellent quiz, I look forward to future weeks.




Time for a Squiz?

A Squiz? What’s that you say? It’s the scarlettabbott quiz, of course.

Get that Friday feeling in your office and give it a go… answers to be posted next week so get your Squiz-champ crowns ready! Or, if you REALLY can’t wait, email and we’ll send you the answers early.






Creatives Xmas list

A little note to Santa… The creative team have been extra nice all year round so if you fancy sending us some of these gifts and gadgets we will be very grateful.

Thank you!

Gifts and Gadgets



Road trip!

Our Clare and Fran have that festive feeling alright. They’re on their way up north to facilitate a focus group and have sent us these snowy peaked snaps from Cumbria. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Good morning!



A painful end to Movember

After raising nearly £400 with this mo bros for Movember, we kindly offered to wax off Rich’s month’s-worth of tash efforts.

Colleague and fellow man Craig was a bit too keen in stepping up to do the honours. You can share Rich’s pain here.

Well done for a fantastic effort. You can still sponsor Rich and his friends here



  1. scarlettabbott says:

    Well done Rich – we wave goodbye to the 70′s tash’tasticness…. or do we?

  2. Craig says:

    I took no pleasure in it….honest! :-)